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Sissit QikBoard Kiosk

Sissit QikBoard Kiosk

Sissits QikBoard Kiosk is a market leading boarding device able to act as a full service desk. Using a QikBoard reduces the time to board helping to improve on time performance. Please watch the video to find out more.


CEO Jetstar

"These new world-first technologies have made the Jetstar airport experience more convenient, hassle-free and simpler."

CIO Jetstar

"Using the TruMobile SMS standard has allowed us to target some 99.9 per cent of mobile phone users, and potentially increase the rate of automatic check-ins at terminals with typically low self-service rates."

What we do:

Sissit develops and manufactures market leading self service and ticketing solutions for the aviation, cinema and events industries. We specialize in providing solutions which assist people flow, security, ease of access and customer satisfaction.

Our range of next generation fixed, portable and carry away kiosk have a proven track record in some of the most demanding environments, handling over 50 million passengers to date.

The benefit of self service and automated systems are clear: reducing queues, increasing speed and operational efficiency, enhancing security and a better customer experience.  In parallel, use of existing spaces, such as terminals can be made effective, handling greater throughput without needing to expand in area size. This saves significant capital expenditure for to operators.

Sissit has worked closely with a range of industry partners to develop and deliver products and services in a range of applications including: baggage handing systems, access control, IT infrastructure management, system integration and onsite technical support. This mix of ability means we can provide true end to end solutions irrespective of the project size.

The model we embrace, is  to provide outcomes which are comprehensive yet cost effective. This is part of our businesses DNA, having being founded working with successful low cost carrier airlines.



  • New Sissit offices being opened by the Hon Gordon Rich-Philips this week. #newoffice #qikboard #aiviation